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ObjectPrint Free Edition

ObjectPrint is now available for free! Fitosoft has made a version of ObjectPrint available to the public as a free print manager. There is no charge and no catch. Simply download ObjectPrint Free Edition and start using it today.

ObjectPrint Free Edition is provided as freeware, but only for private, non-commercial use.

ObjectPrint Free Edition is free for educational use (schools, universities and libraries) and for use in charity or humanitarian organisations.

Although the free print manager does not have all of the powerful features our full version, it is extremely fast and very easy to use.

 Feature List
The table below provides a comprehensive list of features in ObjectPrint. It also provides an easy comparison of feature differences between the latest version of ObjectPrint and ObjectPrint Free Edition.

Features Summary ObjectPrint
Free Edition
Cost Freeware $149,95
Tracks all printing activity yes yes
Controls all printing activity with quotas and restrictions yes yes
Advanced reporting and charts yes yes
Web-based access yes yes
High-performance internal database engine yes yes
No limits to the number of users, printers or computers yes yes
No additional payments yes yes
Secure web-based access (https) no yes
Works with most of the popular SQL databases no yes
No limits to the number of printservers (only 1 for ObjectPrint Free Edition) no yes
Enable a Prepaid Print Card system no yes
Enable ObjectPrint Clients (display the user’s account balance, print log and prepaid cards) no yes
Multi-language support no yes
Commercial use no yes

Sorry, we do not provide any technical support for our free print manager.

Download Get ObjectPrint Free Edition x32 4.3.1705 (ZIP, 49,4 MB).

Download Get ObjectPrint Free Edition x64 4.3.1705 (ZIP, 50,7 MB).


ObjectPrint Logger 3.0

ObjectPrint Logger is a free print logging utility for your Windows print-servers or workstations.

ObjectPrint Logger records the print activity in a text log file, and is specifically aimed at small and home office business users not that enthused about learning other more complex, feature-rich print control packages.

If you use Windows x64, it is recommended to install 64 bit ObjectPrint Logger version. It provides a higher performance than 32 bit version.

ObjectPrint Logger Downloads:

ObjectPrint Logger (32-bit) ver. 3.0  6.6 MB Download Download

ObjectPrint Logger (64-bit) ver. 3.0  7.5 MB Download Download

• Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8 Workstation or Server
• Administrative user rights
• Intel Pentium III 1 GHz, 256 MB of RAM, about 50 MB free disk space

1. Login with administrative rights
2. Run Setup program
3. Follow the installation instructions that appear on the screen

Open Add/Remove Programs, and select ObjectPrint
Click on the Remove button or click the Start button,
and select “All Programs”->”ObjectPrint Logger”->”Uninstall”

Details page:


ObjectPrint Reset Password Utility v. 4.x

The reset password utility allows you to reset forgotten or lost passwords in ObjectPrint.

Usage: ResetPassword [options]
-l List of all users with access permissions
-u <user> Username for the password you are changing
-p <password> User’s new password
-e Enable login password protection
-d Disable login password protection
ResetPassword -l
ResetPassword -u Administrator -p 123456

Download Get ObjectPrint reset password utility (ZIP, 0.5 MB).


Graphics converter service v. 1.4

The graphics converter service converts PS/PCL/EPS files into bitmap picture formats JPEG/GIF/PNG/TIFF.
Graphics converter runs as a Windows service.
To start converting, drag and drop files to the C:\Program Files\Fitosoft\GraphicConverter\in folder.
Files are converted automatically to the C:\Program Files\Fitosoft\GraphicConverter\out folder.
Any files that you put in a monitored folder are automatically converted using the conversion option in C:\Program Files\Fitosoft\GraphicConverter\settings.ini file.

You can choose:
1 - Enable conversion, 2 - disable conversion
Type= 0|1|2|3
0 - JPEG, 1 - GIF, 2 - PNG, 3 - TIFF
10 - Define the maximum number of converted pages
80 - compression level of a JPEG image.
80 - length of the long side of image.
900 - a period of time (in seconds) when the files had not yet been deleted.
1 - calculate the number of pages

Download Get Graphics converter (ZIP, 28.8 MB).
Download Get Graphics converter source code (ZIP, VS 2012, C++, 0.6 MB).

Download ObjectPrint Features – PowerPoint

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Download ObjectPrint Help – PDF

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Download ObjectPrint Gadget for Windows Sidebar (0.2 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Connector 4.2 (UNIX-like operating systems) (0.05 MB)

[email-download download_id=”565″ contact_form_id=”567″]

Download ObjectPrint Desktop Client 4.3 (9.1 MB)

[email-download download_id=”568″ contact_form_id=”570″]

Download ObjectPrint Connector 4.3 64-bit (31.7 MB)

[email-download download_id=”572″ contact_form_id=”574″]

Download ObjectPrint Connector 4.3 32-bit (30.6 MB)

[email-download download_id=”576″ contact_form_id=”578″]

Download ObjectPrint 4.3 64-bit (44.0 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint 4.3 32-bit (42.3 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Free Edition 32-bit (19.1 MB)

[email-download download_id=”588″ contact_form_id=”590″]

Download ObjectPrint Free Edition 64-bit (20.4 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Logger 64-bit (7.5 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Logger 32-bit (6.6 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint reset password utility (ZIP, 0.5 MB)

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Download Graphics converter (ZIP, 14.9 MB)

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Download Graphics converter source code (ZIP, VS 2012, C++, 0.6 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Cloud Connector 4.4 32-bit (30.7 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Cloud Connector 4.4 64-bit (31.8 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint 4.3 32-bit (42.3 MB)

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