ROI Calculator

Calculator It's easy to calculate your savings.
The Return on Investment (ROI) calculator has been designed to help you understand the returns you can possibly gain on investing in ObjectPrint.
Just enter your currency, number of users, average cost per page, average pages per user, and estimated reduction in printing.
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ObjectPrint Cost: $149.95
Information on your environment
Number of users:
Number of work days per month:
Page count
Average B&W pages per user per day:
Average color pages per user per day:
Cost per page
Approx. B&W cost per page: $
Approx. color cost per page: $
Estimated reduction in printing:
Total cost per month currently: $756.00
Total cost per month with ObjectPrint: $680.40
Total savings per month: $75.60
Total savings per year: $907.20
Return on investment: 2.0 months

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Download ObjectPrint Features – PowerPoint

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Download ObjectPrint Help – PDF

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Download ObjectPrint Gadget for Windows Sidebar (0.2 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Connector 4.2 (UNIX-like operating systems) (0.05 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Desktop Client 4.3 (9.1 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Connector 4.3 64-bit (31.7 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Connector 4.3 32-bit (30.6 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint 4.3 64-bit (44.0 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint 4.3 32-bit (42.3 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Free Edition 32-bit (19.1 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Free Edition 64-bit (20.4 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Logger 64-bit (7.5 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Logger 32-bit (6.6 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint reset password utility (ZIP, 0.5 MB)

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Download Graphics converter (ZIP, 14.9 MB)

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Download Graphics converter source code (ZIP, VS 2012, C++, 0.6 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Cloud Connector 4.4 32-bit (30.7 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Cloud Connector 4.4 64-bit (31.8 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint 4.3 32-bit (42.3 MB)

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