ObjectPrint Tour


1. Tracks all printing activity

ObjectPrint is designed to manage print jobs from workstations that are spooled to a Windows server or workstation. Using specific installed software, ObjectPrint can track and control printing for shared and local printers on local or remote print servers/workstations. ObjectPrint supports printers, users, computers, and groups in active directory and workgroup environments.

Computer Classroom
Computer Classroom – Single Print Server
Small sized organization 
Small-sized Organization – Two Print Servers
Medium sized organization/College/Library 
Medium-sized Organization/College/Library – Multiple Print Servers

2. ObjectPrint Features and Benefits

• Tracks and controls all printing activity with quotas and restrictions
• Advanced reporting and charts
• High-performance internal database engine
• Works with most of the popular databases
• Save printed document as an image
• Mixing HTTP and HTTPS access
• Enables anonymous access
• Multi-language support
• 40 days unlimited full version trial
• Unlimited number of users, printers, computers and print servers
• No additional payments

3. Web-based Access


Every feature of ObjectPrint can be used via the web application. End-users do not need to download or install any software onto their machines. The web application is served over HTTPS, allowing you to secure communications with an SSL certificate.


All print jobs can be saved and viewed later as an image. Print jobs may have also have a preview image available. When printing a document it will be saved as an image.

4. Control printers, users, computers and groups with quotas and restrictions


ObjectPrint is used to control and restrict users/printers/computers/groups to ensure sensible print use by allocating a quota.


Enter the account balance to be allocated to a user, printer, computer or group. The quota can be limited or unlimited. The quota panel can be used to automatically increase/reset the credit limit according to the amount and schedule specified.

Printer Quota

ObjectPrint offers advanced filter options to filter or restrict print jobs using a set of rules. There are four options to restrict printing:
• Deny color document printing
• Deny the printing of a particular document title (stop print jobs from specific programs or file types)
• Deny printing over maximum pages
• Deny the printing of document of a maximum size

Printer Restriction

Print statistics:

Printer Statictics
Printing quotas and restrictions can be set for every user/printer/computer/group.

5. Advanced reporting and charts


Reports are designed for print cost analysis and client billing. Reports are typically run to print a summary of user activity, printer activity, group activity or computer activity. Standard reports include statistics for users, printers, computers and groups (sorted by period).

6. Services for Users

With the ObjectPrint User Control Panel and the ObjectPrint Desktop Client software, users connect to different ObjectPrint servers, which provide information on current user print activities.

Client Panel
ObjectPrint Client Panel

ObjectPrint Desktop Client
ObjectPrint Desktop Client

ObjectPrint Client Features:
• Control the current balance, including accepted and rejected print jobs
• Increase the balance through prepaid payment cards
• Use secure connections

7. Logo image and custom link


You can define your own logo image and custom link in ObjectPrint Web Admin Panel.

Download ObjectPrint Features – PowerPoint

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Download ObjectPrint Help – PDF

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Download ObjectPrint Gadget for Windows Sidebar (0.2 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Connector 4.2 (UNIX-like operating systems) (0.05 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Desktop Client 4.3 (9.1 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Connector 4.3 64-bit (31.7 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Connector 4.3 32-bit (30.6 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint 4.3 64-bit (44.0 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint 4.3 32-bit (42.3 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Free Edition 32-bit (19.1 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Free Edition 64-bit (20.4 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Logger 64-bit (7.5 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Logger 32-bit (6.6 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint reset password utility (ZIP, 0.5 MB)

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Download Graphics converter (ZIP, 14.9 MB)

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Download Graphics converter source code (ZIP, VS 2012, C++, 0.6 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Cloud Connector 4.4 32-bit (30.7 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint Cloud Connector 4.4 64-bit (31.8 MB)

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Download ObjectPrint 4.3 32-bit (42.3 MB)

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