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ObjectPrint First Time Configuration Wizard

When ObjectPrint starts for the first time, the Configuration Wizard will offer to configure the main settings of groups, users, printers and computers.

Before running the ObjectPrint First Time Configuration Wizard, as described below, you should have already completed installing ObjectPrint.

When you access ObjectPrint in your web browser for the first time, you will see the ObjectPrint First Time Configuration Wizard. This is a series of screens which will prompt you to supply some default values. It will also offer some more advanced options for settings of groups, users, printers and computers.

Go to the following web address in your web browser: http://localhost:1561/ftwizard.htm, or use https://localhost:1562/ftwizard.htm if you have enabled the HTTPS feature. The above web address uses port '1562' with SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification. If you choose the "Express Install" method, the ObjectPrint administrator login is <your login name> and password is blank.

The first time that you access the ObjectPrint web management you will be see a warning saying that this connection is untrusted. This is because the ObjectPrint web management is using a self signed certificate that you will need to accept.

In Internet Explorer, you may see a warning similar to this one:


You may get a message similar to the following in Firefox:

Other web browsers, and different versions may present different warning messages.

You should be able to just continue to the website and ignore this. For more information, see the Firefox article below:

A prompt opens asking for a username and password:

  If you choose the "Express Install" method, the ObjectPrint administrator login is <your login name> and the password is blank.

The wizard allows you to quickly and easily enter settings before you open the ObjectPrint user interface.

Configure user accounts:


Configure printer accounts:

Configure other accounts are equal.
Please note: it is possible to skip the installation of groups, printers, computers, and users – they will be automatically added later with the default settings. They can also be added via the menu of the ObjectPrint program.

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